Employment & Training Centre

Employment & Training Centre
23 Third Street, St. Regis, QC


The Employment and Training Centre (ETC)  is an alcohol and drug free environment with an emphasis to assist Akwesasro:nen with job/career training and attaining long-term employment.

the aamb is presently funded by the government of canada under the aboriginal skills and employment training strategy (ASETS). Serving the akwesasne community for over 22 years, aamb has supported training initiatives and career counselling for thousands of Akwesasne members.

under asets, our focus is:

• supporting demand-driven skills development;
• fostering partnerships; and
•increased accountability and results

Contact Information: For AAMB Administrative Staff
and MCA Community Support Program Case Manager located at the Employment & Training Centre (ETC).

Dan Garrow, Employment Officer: (613) 575-2626 ext. 209
email: dgarrow@aamb.ca
Jennifer Johnson, General Office Clerk:(613) 575-2626  ext. 202
email: jjohnson@aamb.ca
Gail General, General Office Clerk:(613) 575-2626  ext. 203
email: ggeneral@aamb.ca
Nathan Sunday, Youth Coordinator:(613) 575-2626  ext. 213
email: nsunday@aamb.ca
Beatrice Johnson, Partnership Development Officer:(613) 575-2626 ext. 208
email: bjohnson@aamb.ca
Wahiahawi Finch, Career Development Officer:(613)575-2626  ext. 219
email: wbarreiro@aamb.ca
Ciera Jacobs
, Career Development Officer:(613) 575-2626  ext. 221
email: cjacobs@aamb.ca


Mohawk Council of Akwesasne, Community Support Program Office:

Corrine Johnson, Case Manager:(613) 575-2626 ext. 220
email: corrine.johnson@akwesasne.ca

  the Employment and Training Centre ( 23 Third street)  is located next door  to The Akwesasne Area Management Board(AAMB), Administrative Office (at 25 Third Street).