Summer Employment Experience Development (SEED) Program

Youth Initiatives

Program Description:
This program provides secondary, post-secondary or vocational students with the provision of incremental career development / work experience opportunities.

Proposed jobs must meet the following criteria:

  • Provide a quality experience that prepares students for their future labour market participation
  • Provide students with the necessary supervision, learning and work experience;
  • Provide a minimum of 30 hrs/wk during summer (SEED) and not exceed a maximum of 40 hrs/wk of employment. Applications which propose to provide part-time employment for disabled students are also eligible;
  • Best Matches provides a minimum of 16 hrs/wk not to exceed a maximum of 24 hrs/wk.
  • Pay at least the provincial adult minimum hourly wage;
  • Do not displace or replace existing employees or volunteers, employees on lay-off, employees absent due to labour management dispute or employees on vacation;
  • Do not provide personal services to an employer;
  • Are not jobs for which funding will be received or claimed from any other government source, except where such funding is provided pursuant to a federal / provincial agreement designed to harmonise federal and provincial job creation programs;
  • Will be carried out in accordance with all applicable laws;
  • Would not be created without the financial assistance provided under this agreement.

Eligible Participants: In addition to those previously stated under Eligibility Requirements include:

  • Students who have attended school on a full time basis in the preceding school year and intend to return to school full time in the next academic year.
  • Students participating must be a minimum of fourteen [14] years of age.

Financial Limitations:
For Profit:

  • Secondary students receive a maximum equivalent to adult minimum wage rate.
  • Post Secondary students receive a wage contribution of  $10.875 / hr

Not For Profit:

  • Secondary students receive a wage contribution to a maximum equivalent to adult minimum wage rate per hour;
  • Post secondary students receive a wage contribution of $10.875/hr;
  • M.E.R.C.


Minimum of 6 weeks to a maximum of 18 weeks.

2017 – SEED Ad

2017 – SEED Student Package

For more information contact:  Nathan Sunday, Youth Coordinator
Phone: (613) 575-2626 ext. 213 email:





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