Self Employment Assistance Program


Program Description:
The objective of the program is labour market self-sufficiency for clients through self-employment. The means of achieving this objective are to provide income support through the provision of E.I. benefits or basic allowances and/or supplementary allowances, and to provide support through community organizations.

Types of Ventures

    The proposed venture must be full time, which means that the participant must devote at least 30 hours per week to implement his/her business and must also:

  • be starting a new business; or
  • be taking over an existing business in which she/he had no prior ownership;

The Business:

    The participant must be self-employed and not be working on commission.  Conversion from a hobby to a business is acceptable.

  • must be suitable for public funding;
  • the place of business must be located within the territory of Akwesasne;

Eligible Participants:

    In addition to those previously stated under Eligibility Requirements

  • Individuals eligible for Employment Insurance Benefits: currently receiving Canadian Employment Insurance benefits; have had a Canadian Employment Insurance claim in the past three (3) years or have had a maternity/parental leave claim in the past five (5) years,If Individual does not meet EI Eligibility requirement, she/he may be eligible under SEA/CRF.
  • Individuals who have not previously participated in the self-employment assistance activity funded by A.A.M.B or Service Canada (SC)  under a similar program.
  • Individuals who have attended a training provided by an organization identified by A.A.M.B. / S.C. and have completed a self-evaluation exercise on suitability for self-employment.

Eligible Coordinators:
Responsible for administering self-evaluation exercises to clients, determining personal suitability and recommending clients for self-employment, provideing support and guidance during and after formalized training and during implementation phase of business (aftercare).  Organizations or businesses that wish to apply to become a Coordinator will submit a proposal.

Financial Limitations:

  • Income Support  and Supplementary Allowances for participants [Employment Insurance]
  • Administrative Fees for Coordinating Group [to be negotiated]


  • Maximum duration of agreements is normally 50 weeks.


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